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Oh Boye!

Published December 23, 2013 by rumbl3

I have made it thru 49 years without trying to knit or crochet. In fact, I have been somewhat anti-knitting.

That has changed.

My friend Jamie came over 2 weeks ago to watch a movie with me and my husband (We’re the Millers is hilarious!). She brought her handy dandy Boye loom and yarn.


In the 90 minutes it took to watch the movie, she whipped out a beautiful scarf and I was intrigued.

The next day, my husband went out and bought a set for me. Thru the next week, I worked on my own (ty Youtube tutorials!). My husband requested the first scarf for his boss.


Took me a little longer to make, but I finished it last night in time to wrap it and send to work with him.

I used single-strand stockinette stitch and a larger loom than my friend, but it is luxurious feeling and a great gift for the $6 yarn purchase.

I also received the round looms so my next project will be a beanie 🙂

So excited!

Ease of project:  Very easy