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Solid Perfume Sticks- so good!

Published November 6, 2013 by rumbl3

I finally got around to making my own solid perfume sticks. They turned out awesome!


What you will need:

  1. Glass measuring cup
  2. Pipette (plastic eye dropper)
  3. Beeswax
  4. Carrier Oil (grape seed, almond, or olive) I used a light olive oil
  5. Essential or fragrance oils work with this ( I used Patchouli and Orange)
  6. Containers (I used empty chap stick tubes)
  7. Double boiler ( I used a canning ring upside down in pan of water and then placed my glass measuring cup on top of that)

The recipe is:

Equal parts Beeswax and carrier oil (olive, almond, grape seed) I used a light olive oil

30-40 drops of Essential or Fragrance oil, depending on how strong of scent you want

For your double boiler- only add 1/2 the height of water to your glass (using a 2c. measuring glass, only allow water to go to the 1c. mark). When water starts boiling, you do NOT want the water to splash back into your Beeswax.


Melt down the Beeswax. When it becomes clear, remove glass from water and add your carrier oil.

When thoroughly blended, add in your Essential or Fragrance Oils.


Using your pipette or eye dropper- fill your container and let cool for at least an hour before capping.


They turned out awesome!

Try it- it was easy, quick, moderately cheap and it makes a great girlfriend gift!


Easy craft, great gift!

Published August 8, 2013 by rumbl3

I have spent the last few months hitting a bunch of do-it-yourself craft sites. Bath salts, sugar scrubs, astringents… there are recipes for all of it.

I placed an order at my favorite e-shop  for lip balm tubes, jars and sliding-top tins.

I picked 3 lip balm recipes to start with. The first is as follows:

1/2 oz. Beeswax pellets

1 tsp. honey

4 oz. olive oil

15-20 drops Peppermint extract

  • It calls for a double boiler so I put a canning jar ring in the bottom of a pan of boiling water. In my 2-cup glass measuring cup I added the Beeswax and put in the boiling water.
  • Make sure the water level does NOT exceed the halfway mark on your cup or it will splash back into it.
  • It will take a few minutes to melt down the Beeswax beads.
  • Then add the honey and olive oil. Stir well- 1 to 2 minutes.

Add the extract and stir well.

When the mixture looks clear, smooth and totally mixed, I remove my glass measuring cup. With a little pipette (plastic eye dropper), I fill it and empty into my containers.

Gotta do it quick or the Beeswax will start setting again.

With the recipe above I was able to get 14   1/4 oz. jars filled, and 8  .15oz tubes filled.

My comments on this recipe: It is very smooth/moist on my lips. I don’t feel as if my lips are encased in wax like Chapstick does. I was expecting minty balm like Carmex but it isn’t minty at all.

I will try this one again and repost results after substituting Peppermint Oil in place of Peppermint extract.