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Big Boy Snowman

Published November 11, 2013 by rumbl3

I have another craft bazaar coming up so I am in crafting mode!

My latest- Big Boy Snowman (or woman). This craft takes about 15 minutes for each one.

Material list:

  • Package of tube socks ($7 for 10 pairs)
  • Rice ($10 for 20 lb. bag)
  • Ribbon (spools $1 for 9 feet or so)
  • Googly eyes ($4 for 300+)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Funnel
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Various embellishments- sequins, buttons, etc.

Pour  3 cups of rice in foot of tube sock. Secure with a rubber band.


Now add 2 cups of rice into next section. Secure with rubber band.


Fold top of sock over on itself to make stocking cap.


Use glue gun to stabilize top “ball” to bottom one.


Glue a ribbon around neck for scarf. Cut another section of same ribbon and glue down from it for a hanging scarf. Embellish as desired!


I made a bow for the hat, glued jingle bells to top and buttons down the front.

I didn’t put arm branches on but I don’t think it needs them. They are cute without!

One down- 19 to go 🙂


***Simple Christmas Potpourri

Published October 27, 2013 by rumbl3

I love the smell of Cinnamon/Orange/Apple wafting thru the air of my house… It reminds me of holidays.

And face it… we have all spent lots of money on the oils, plug-ins, and potpourris to capture this smell.

Here is a simple (really!) recipe to get those holiday scents without breaking the bank!


In the bottom of a soup mug:

2 tsp. cinnamon

Squeeze one section of an orange and drop peel in cup


2 tbs. applesauce

Boil water in the teapot.

Pour 3/4c. over cinnamon/orange/applesauce. Stir well.

Now wasn’t that easy?

When the water starts cooling the cinnamon will become gloppy goo. To refresh potpourri- remove goop, add a little more cinnamon and applesauce, and pour more boiling water over it.

Try moving the steaming cup from location to location. Or make multiple cups for different rooms.

Happy crafting!

Make your own diffuser!

Published August 26, 2013 by rumbl3

I was walking through Costco last year and entered the Home Deco section. Came across some beautiful, fragrant diffusers. Read the ingredients (and price)  and kept on walking 🙂

I thought to myself… I can make one even better.

So I went to Walmart and picked up a few things.


  • Bamboo skewers sticks
  • Mineral Oil (or other carrier oil)
  • Essential Oil ( I used lemon- OMG!) not available at Wally’s, but any GNC should have some
  • Decorative smaller vase or bottle (the smaller the neck of bottle, the slower the evaporation)


Using the ratio of  4:1  Oil: Fragrance, put in your bottle.

If the skewers are too long, you can trim them down. I cut mine to 10″ so that there would be 5″ on top to “teepee” in the bottle. Put skewers in- let them soak for a minute or 2 then flip them over and insert the clean ends.

Now your sticks are all coated, and your bottle is ready to place.

I placed my bottle in the bathroom. I think it took less than 30 minutes for the fragrance to reach me at the other end of the house.

The more essential oil you use the stronger the aroma.

These bottles make great gifts especially if decorated.

Happy crafting!