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Solid Perfume Sticks- so good!

Published November 6, 2013 by rumbl3

I finally got around to making my own solid perfume sticks. They turned out awesome!


What you will need:

  1. Glass measuring cup
  2. Pipette (plastic eye dropper)
  3. Beeswax
  4. Carrier Oil (grape seed, almond, or olive) I used a light olive oil
  5. Essential or fragrance oils work with this ( I used Patchouli and Orange)
  6. Containers (I used empty chap stick tubes)
  7. Double boiler ( I used a canning ring upside down in pan of water and then placed my glass measuring cup on top of that)

The recipe is:

Equal parts Beeswax and carrier oil (olive, almond, grape seed) I used a light olive oil

30-40 drops of Essential or Fragrance oil, depending on how strong of scent you want

For your double boiler- only add 1/2 the height of water to your glass (using a 2c. measuring glass, only allow water to go to the 1c. mark). When water starts boiling, you do NOT want the water to splash back into your Beeswax.


Melt down the Beeswax. When it becomes clear, remove glass from water and add your carrier oil.

When thoroughly blended, add in your Essential or Fragrance Oils.


Using your pipette or eye dropper- fill your container and let cool for at least an hour before capping.


They turned out awesome!

Try it- it was easy, quick, moderately cheap and it makes a great girlfriend gift!


***Simple Christmas Potpourri

Published October 27, 2013 by rumbl3

I love the smell of Cinnamon/Orange/Apple wafting thru the air of my house… It reminds me of holidays.

And face it… we have all spent lots of money on the oils, plug-ins, and potpourris to capture this smell.

Here is a simple (really!) recipe to get those holiday scents without breaking the bank!


In the bottom of a soup mug:

2 tsp. cinnamon

Squeeze one section of an orange and drop peel in cup


2 tbs. applesauce

Boil water in the teapot.

Pour 3/4c. over cinnamon/orange/applesauce. Stir well.

Now wasn’t that easy?

When the water starts cooling the cinnamon will become gloppy goo. To refresh potpourri- remove goop, add a little more cinnamon and applesauce, and pour more boiling water over it.

Try moving the steaming cup from location to location. Or make multiple cups for different rooms.

Happy crafting!

Why do you craft?

Published October 3, 2013 by rumbl3

Zucchini Bread

Published August 12, 2013 by rumbl3

The neighbor was kind enough to give me a couple zucchinis. After I shred it up in the blender, it gave me 12 c. to work with. 12c.= 12 loaves of zucchini bread.

That is enough to gift the neighbor with 2 loaves, 1 for mom, 2 for my sister’s family, and leave 7 loaves in the freezer for future use.

That would have been the case except the hubby bragged at his work about the “bomb ass” zucchini bread I make. So that is 3 he promised to take to work. 🙂

No worries though because ANOTHER neighbor heard I like to make zucchini bread. Found a ginormous one on my door step yesterday. Should be good for at least 5-6 more cups.

Note to self- Enjoy a slice off the very first loaf or there might not be any left 😛